Monday, March 25, 2013

June 2006 Revisited

Mom found her last entry about Arnie from her old blog. He'd had palette surgery, and apparently the recovery period was tough on both of them.

Arnie like he is now - focused and attentive. There IS hope for those naughty dogs out there!

Well, we survived the recuperation of Arnie. It was tough - he's loud, obnoxious and busy. He was supposed to stay calm, quiet and cool. Ha! We managed, but not without some stress (on my part).
Now that he's back in full form, it's time to step up the training for both he and Snap.

Mom put a new design up on her CafePress Shop. Check it out here. Or read her Design Blog here

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  1. Hi Gracie,

    I miss you all! This picture of Arnie Lovey is my new favorite, but all pictures of him are my favorite.