Sunday, July 8, 2012

What's all the commotion?

I keep hearing words like vacation, packing, surprise, busy, hot temperatures, normal poop, and visiting........what in the world is going on?

I decided to ask Snap what's going on around here, since she's always underfoot and hears everything that mom and dad talk about.

Vacation: Mom and dad are going to the beach. It's a long drive to get there, and mom's family is meeting them there. Snap has heard them talk about the ocean, dolphins, horses, a water park, cookouts and margaritas.

Packing: Snap keeps hearing mom talk about the Pet Sitter. Which means one of our favorite people will be stopping by every day to feed us and play with us. BUT, Snap has a feeling that only she, Puck and Levi will be seeing her. Snap wasn't able to get any more info.  We know we're not going with mom and dad (no dogs allowed - imagine that). But the suspense is killing us!

Could this be a hint? 

Hot Temperatures: Mom's been watering like crazy, but thankful that this summer isn't even close to last summer when it comes to hot weather. Who would have thought that Texas would have some of the best temps right now? 

The tree we lost because of last summer's heat wave. It's obviously very old, and so sad that it died. But it's the only one we lost, and the furthest from the house, so we still have shade over the roof.

Her garden is doing good this summer. We've already eaten some tomatoes and peppers. The zucchini is doing great, and the basil is growing like crazy.

Right after planting


Mom even got some sunflowers to bloom. They are in Payton's Pink Garden, and she planted a bunch to honor the Sunflower Sisters. They're all doing great, and are very pretty. Mom has always had the worst luck with Sunflowers, but these are awesome. 

Normal Poop: That yell you heard last week was mom, when Levi pooped a normal poop (not diarrhea) for the first time in MONTHS. Snap was out there with them, and almost had a heart attack when mom gave the victory cry. 

Two weeks ago, Levi was doing HORRIBLE. After finishing his last round of antibiotics, which seemed to help, he got worse again. And more meds didn't help. He was losing weight, had watery poop, wouldn't eat at all and was very weak. His quality of life was terrible, so mom brought him back into the vet, thinking she would have to put him to sleep (where have we hear that before?). The vet wanted to try one last thing. If it worked, it would be awesome. But if it didn't, it would make things MUCH worse. 

Happily, it worked, and Levi is now 100% better. Yup, absolutely better. Eating great, putting weight back on, getting his strength back, and pooping normally. Which makes Snap's life miserable, because he's always hungry these days. And a hungry Levi barks for his food. Non-stop. In a sharp, shrill, high-pitched bark, complete with his head thrown back. And he does that for hours. THAT'S how mom knows he's better. 

Levi - back to his normal, obnoxious self. LOL

The Surprise: Snap hasn't been able to figure it out yet. If she does, I'll let you know what it is.


  1. This weather thing is nuts! Even the pool water is like bathwater. Uck. But the beaches are awesome right now. We hope your family has a great time on vacation and that all of you have a blast with the pet sitter.

  2. Hi Gracie!! First of all, I'm just thrilled that Levi is ok and back to his charming self. Secondly, I have a hunch you are going to be so excited when you discover the surprise. Although Arnie looks a little worried!

  3. Glad to hear that Levi is doing better!

    The sunflower in Payton's garden is awesome. Mama just remembered that she bought some sunflowers to plant and never did ... uh oh!

    Can't wait to hear about the surprise ...

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  4. Hi Arnie & Gracie,

    You're Mom's garden & sunflowers look great. I can't wait to hear about your surprise! The clue has me baffled. Something is going on here too... Mom's been dancing around the house cleaning. Hmmm.


  5. Lovely garden makes us so jealous as everything here is dying because of the never ending rain and grey skies. Take care.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Oh happy days!! Levi is better!
    That is sooo good!
    And the sunflowers are beautious.
    I know weather has been crazy everywhere,,, just everywhere.
    I wonder what the surprise is?

  7. Soo glad to hear that Levi is doing better!!
    Can't wait to find out what the surprise is!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta