Monday, July 30, 2012

What we did on our summer vacation

You can read all about our week with Aunt Julie and Suki  here.

We all had so much fun, and we're finally rested from the trip. So I thought I'd give you some idea of how different Arnie and I, and mom and dad spent our vacations.

Dad on his horse on the beach

Arnie on his stuffed friends

Me on my comfy bed

The long walk mom and dad took at the bird sanctuary

The short walk Arnie took holding his stuffed animal

The cute sea turtles mom and dad saw, leisurely awaiting release

Arnie, leisurely awaiting dinner

Playing hard

Me and Suki playing harder

Group photo of the family

Group photo of the Three Pugateers


  1. We are glad you all had a lovely time. We hope you are all rested. Have a happy Monday afternoon.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Arnie & Gracie,

    You two can come back vacation at my house anytime! The house is so quiet since you left. I miss you!


  3. Looks like everyone had a blast on vacation!

  4. BOL! You are too funny. I especially like the photo of Arnie on top of his toy pile. Your toys are secured and you get to relax in the ultimate comfort - It's a win-win situation. :)

    Although I don't understand how Arnie can "leisurely" await dinner. I'm just about going BONKERS by the time the dinner gong is struck!