Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Time Had By All

We had a special visitor this weekend. 
Suki and her mom came to see us, 
so mom planned some fun adventures for us.

The first adventure was pretty special. 
But mom left the photos on her camera, 
so those will have to wait until she gets them onto her computer.
It will be worth the wait, though.

After that adventure, we headed to downtown Fort Worth. 
It was hot, hot, hot, so our folks took us to the water gardens. 
We couldn't go in the water, but it was cooler just being there.

Here we are (Suki, Arnie and me) next to the quiet pool.

Dad climbed up to the top of the wall with me. 

That night, the humans went to the Texas Rangers baseball game. 

Mom and Suki's mom wore the pink, sparkly Rangers hats they bought in Fort Worth. 
The game was a lot of fun, and the Rangers beat the Astros!

Lots of adult beverages consumed.

The next morning, our moms took our picture in front of Payton's Pink Garden. 

Suki and me posing pretty.

Suki has her Super Model on.

Suki - isn't she adorable?


  1. The three of you look so cute and it seems you had a great weekend!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hi Gracie!
    Oh, I think I would've wanted to break some rules at that water garden and jump in the pool! I must say I got a little light headed just looking at the pic of you and your dad all the way on top of that wall...yikes! You and Suki look so darling next to Payton's pink flowers. Thanks so much for posting an update of the garden. It's so pretty!

  3. What a fun time you had!!! BTW, you are every bit as cute as Suki. I say that cuz you and I are, like, twins and I am as cute as Suki. Everypuggy says so. Love ya Suki dear!
    Love Noodles

  4. I think your all so cute, and I love the photo where you are posing with the flower for Payton!

  5. Hi Gracie & Arnie!

    What a wonderful weekend we had! I'm still tuckered out, we know how to pack a lot into the weekend.