Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Saving the world, one lizard at a time

Yesterday I saved a life. When dad took me out to the yard to go potty, I scurried over to the fence and started sniffing. Since I'm a girl dog, this is unusual for me :) So dad followed me and found a poor little lizard that had gotten stuck in our fencing.

He had scale things that meant he could only go forward, not backward, and he was too fat to squeeze through.

So dad helped him get loose, and here he is recovering from the ordeal. When mom went back a few minutes after this picture was taken, he was gone. Home to his family, I'm sure.

Chalk one up for Gracie.


  1. Hey Gracie!
    That was so nice of you to help that lizard! I wonder how he will repay you?
    PS. I just forwarded you and Suki an email (FW: Re: synchronized swim team!) this morning with two attachments. I had previously sent it on the 9th, but Suki didn't get it, so I'm assuming that you didn't either. Please let me know if/when you get it.

  2. How sweet of you to help that little lizard. I would like to think I would do the same thing but I'm not so sure, I really like chasing wriggly things. Your a good girl Gracie!

  3. Nice work, Gracie. I think you are a more noble pug than me. I probably would have at least given the lizard a lick - to see what he tasted like.