Monday, October 24, 2011

Good Agility Weekend

We got to play in agility this weekend.
Arnie went with us, and we both did great.

Mom was too busy working and running us to take many pictures,
but she snapped one of the ring before we started.

Saturday was hot. REALLY hot. But we were kept soaked down (yuck), and the fan was on us the whole time (double yuck), so we were cool all day. Arnie and I are in the same level and jump height, and with only 30 dogs entered, we usually ran with one dog between us. So mom was gasping for breath most of the day.

Towards the end of the day, the Blue Angels started flying over.
There was an air show nearby, and we got to see the show.
It was awesome.

It rained Saturday night, so Sunday was MUDDY. There were clouds, so it was much cooler. But we slipped and slid through the tunnels, and mom almost went down on her rear a few times.

In spite of the slippery conditions, we managed to get 12 qualifying ribbons.
Arnie is in all Level 4 classes, and I'm in Level 4 in a few classes.

Here's me, watching mom on the drive home.


  1. Hi Gracie! I'm so glad that you and Arnie rocked that course, despite the bad weather both days. I bet your mom is exhausted! But it sounded like a good weekend!
    We live right next to an air base and the planes go right over our house when they have an airshow. I think I even saw what color the pilot's hair was one time!

  2. I adore the Blue Angels! Mom's friend use to fly with them. You did great on the course, I know your Mommy is very proud of you both!

  3. Hi Gracie!

    I so excited for you and Arnie! I can't wait to watch you run next month! Just wish Payton could be here to watch too!


  4. Suki - I'll have dad bring the video camera. We can have Payton watch Suki watch Gracie run.