Saturday, July 9, 2011

Arnie was the winner

When mom got home yesterday, this was in our mailbox.
An envelope, addressed to Arnie:

For the record, I've never gotten mail. I think it stinks that this came to just Arnie.
You see, he was the winner.
Yup, you heard me right - WINNNER - of Bellatrix's contest.

When mom wasn't looking, I took the envelope.
Try as I might, I just couldn't get to the prize inside.

I really tried to tear it up, but I still couldn't open the envelope.

Then mom used her thumbs to open the present up, and gave it
to Arnie, because he was the winner.

Inside was a Snozzle.

And a SECOND SNOZZLE!!!! Glory Days, there's one for me!!!

Here's Arnie enjoying his snozzle.
I am in my crate, because, um, I don't share.

Thank You Bellatrix!!!!


  1. Yay!! What's better than one Snoozle? Two Snoozles!! A spare to share, that's for sure. Enjoy the yumminess.

  2. Adorable pictures...well, minus the Snoozle my mom says. How nice of Bella to send two!

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  4. Oh we have some jealous puggies over here. What a fun mail day!