Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Training by braille

Things are getting ridiculous around here. Mom had to work late again, but decided to train me anyway. No matter that it was dark. No matter that we have no lights in the yard. She grabbed me, the treats and her perky attitude and made me work LIKE THIS:

OK, it wasn't quite THAT dark. But it was NOT daylight, I can tell you that. But I did my job, working really far away from mom (of course). She's really started pushing the whole "distance" thing, especially at the weave poles. Sheesh, the woman never stops thinking of things to work on.

When we came back inside, I guess dad had been watching us out the window. He asked her what the "twirly move" was. She proudly told him "a front cross. I'm really working hard to do more of those". To which dad replied, "you better start working a LOT harder. You almost did a face plant on the last one." Boy, was she mad....tee hee.

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