Thursday, January 6, 2011

Agility Class FINALLY!

I am soooooo happy. After many long months, I'm back in an agility class. Mom found a good class, indoors, not far from home, with a good instructor. So she signed us up, and has been prepping me for weeks. I'm in the most advanced level (!), but other than that, didn't really know what to expect. Would I be the class dunce? The class superstar? Oh, the anticipation.

So tonight mom packed our training bag, got my treats ready, loaded up the poop bags (because I always poop when I get to class), filled the water bottle, put the crate in the car and put on her running shoes. We got there a little early, and the instructor introduced herself and asked a few questions about us. Then the rest of the class showed up. The best part about the class is that there's only small dogs. And they're all "non-traditional". Min Pins, and Eskie, Schnauzers and a Chihuahua. The class is made up of mostly instructors for the training center, and they're all really nice.

But tonight's class kicked my BUTT! I haven't trained in months. I've only showed once. And I've been a big couch potato, between moving, new jobs and our living situation. And the session was tough. There were twists, turns, curves and lots of running. I was a maniac the whole night, but after our last run I ran out of steam. My tail came uncurled. And that never happens.

So I slept all the way home, then jumped up on the couch to relax. Mom gave me a long massage, and I'm feeling a little better. My tail is back to semi-normal, but I'm wiped OUT! I better get in shape this week, or I'm in trouble. Good night, now.


  1. Hi you all,

    Thanks for visiting our blog! Nice to meet new puggie families. Sounds like you have a house full!
    Your photos are wonderful!
    How do you keep your snout from becoming gray? What's the secret? You look like a puppy...
    Hu-mom always wondered if pugs were able to perform agility and now she knows.

    Keep up the good work.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie (puggle) and Mack (pug)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. And yes, Pugs CAN do agility. I'm mom's 4th agility pug.

    I can't give you a secret for not getting gray. Just good genes, I guess. My brother Arnie is 5, and he's already pretty gray in the snout.

    I love your blog too.