Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Texas - here we come

Gracie here:

Well, we finally made it to Texas. We stayed a little longer
in California, hoping to avoid the dreaded "Texas heat". Well, we succeeded, because the weather since we got here has been BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I'm going to take the next few posts to tell you about our trip here. There'll be pictures, stories and adventures, so bear with me.

First was the big pack up. Mom and dad spent 2 days packing a big moving van and the motorhome with all our stuff. And there was lots of stuff. After they squished it all in, and hooked the car to the van, we were off. The first leg was boring.....flat and hot, through the central valley of CA:

That's the view mom had the whole time. The butt end of dad's vehicle. We were in back, in our crates, so we didn't see a darned thing. But I guess it was pretty much what you see here.

We stopped for the night at the edge of California, right before you get to Arizona. We crashed at rest areas and truck stops (dad used to drive truck, so he knows the ropes). It was kind of exciting, because we could hear the trucks flying by all night long on the highway. We were all cozy and comfortable in the motorhome. Dad tricked out the place with a flat screen TV and HD antenna, so we hung out watching the tube on the couch and relaxed.

The next day we hit Arizona bright and early. I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

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