Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Gracie here:

technically it's Snap, Snap, Snap. As in, "Snap's a good dog", "Snap stays when I tell her to", "Snap comes when she's called", blah....blah...blah.

Snap's my Boxer sister. She's 6 years old, and is just about the perfect dog, according to mom. She can be off leash anywhere. She stays where mom tells her to for loooong periods of time, and realllllly far distances. She doesn't fight with other dogs, never causes a ruckus, and most of all - she doesn't attack me when I jump up and bite her on the lips or tail.

So today, when mom took her new camera to take some pictures down by the river, she took Snap as her subject.

After Snap had her pictures taken, and got TONS of treats, mom let her cut loose. First she chased a stick in the river. Snap's usually pretty laid back, but she goes nuts when there's a stick near the water. She doesn't swim after it, or actually pick it up. She just punches it. She is a Boxer after all.

Then she got to run around on the grass. Mom tells her to "go, go, go" and she runs around like crazy. I do that too, but Snap's more impressive to watch, with her rippling muscles and CRAZY face and ears.

I hope mom takes me tomorrow to the river. I've been practicing my stays, but it's really hard for me to maintain. Maybe I can just skip the staying part, and go straight to the playing part.

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