Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gracie here -

That's the way I'm going to have to say hello from now on, because......


Life has been crazy around here lately. Mom says we've been living a country music song. She lost her job, lost her house (well, technically she sold it), living in a trailer (again, it's a motorhome. And she's not really living in it, just sleeping in it). At least she didn't lose her dog(s) LOL

In case you haven't heard, the economy has hit California pretty hard. Mom and dad have been thinking about moving somewhere with a better economy. They decided that if either of them lost their job, they would move to Texas, where the economy is much better. So they sold the house, just in case. And sure enough, mom got laid off in July. So it was on to plan B. They packed all their stuff into my grandma's giant shop, and parked the motorhome on her front lawn:

But like I said, mom and dad only sleep there. We "live" in the house part, and us little dogs sleep there, too.

Right now, dad's doing some work around grandma's house, then we hit the road. I'll be doing the writing for awhile, since Arnie's pretty upset about leaving. He says he'll miss his friends in our agility class, his friends at shows, and all the people he's met since he came to live with mom. I keep telling him that he'll make lots of new friends, but he's not buying it.

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