Thursday, June 24, 2010

Class 6/23/2010

Gracie here: I got to go to class last night. It was my turn anyway, but Arnie couldn't have gone if he wanted to. He had a lump removed (mom is relieved that it's no big deal), and his teeth cleaned. So he's a little unsteady and ouchy still.

Class was a blast! We got to run a real course, just like at a real show. No treats, no stopping, no slowing down. I'm still not waiting at the start line (but I am sitting when mom tells me to. I just don't STAY sitting). The tire was the first obstacle, and I went right through it. I didn't trip mom where she thought I might, and I hit all my contacts. And best of all, I did the weave poles perfectly! First time! And mom even threw in a front cross at the end, and I never blinked.

Mom played a lot with me while other dogs were running. We played fetch, and touch, and tug. I love to play SOOOO much, and mom comes through by indulging me.

Mom was also glad that I wasn't nasty to the other dogs tonight. We had 2 new dogs in class, and one was really pushy. But I never even snapped at her (she got some looks, though) and even hung out with her after a little while. I stayed clear of Jack (his energy kind of freaks me out). Arnie "gets" him, but I certainly don't.

Slept like a log on the way home, dreaming of tunnels, jumps and treats. A great night at class.......

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