Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Agility Brags

Arnie here: I realized that I didn't update everyone on my debut in AKC Excellent Jumpers. Yup, believe it or not, I'm now in Excellent. Mom's never had a small dog in Excellent before, and it's been years since she was there at all.

Two weeks ago we went to Dixon to show in AKC. I was entered in Standard and Jumpers, and Standard was really early in the morning. As usual, I was a little wild on my first run. I don't know why, but I have to just RUN, RUN, RUN like crazy on my first run. But after I got my pug scooting out of my system, I settled in and ran a nice run. I got 2 refusals during my little outburst, so no Q, but mom was pleased with my run.

Here I am flying across the dogwalk:

(photo by Dog Gone Digital)

In Jumpers, she decided to micro-manage me. I do better in Jumpers anyway, because I really have to concentrate and that slows me down a bit. We did a great run, and I got NO refusals, even at the weave poles. So I Q'd!!! I was the only 12" Excellent A dog that Q'd, and Tess (my sheltie friend) was the only 12" Excellent B dog to qualify. I was in great company. Mom was VERY proud of me.

On Sunday, I didn't Q at all, but I ran pretty good. Again, my first run was a little crazy (spotted a gaggle of shelties in the next ring, and thought they might be my friends), but I did my weave poles perfectly. In Jumpers, I was going too fast at the weave poles, but the rest of the run was nice, according to mom.

Here I am on the table. Mom loves this photo of me - she says it shows how sweet I am:

(photo by Dog Gone Digital)

We're entered next month in AKC again, so we'll see what happens there. Mom thinks getting me tired out in the morning might help with my crazies. I'll let you know if her theory holds.

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