Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals. No, not the football kind

Back in April of 2011 mom made some goals for us

She thought it would be time to revisit those goals (better late than never, right?) and update some of them. 
Here we go.....

Goal #1 - Qualify for the AKC Agility Invitational in 2012. The qualifying time is July to June, so once July hits, we'll be aiming for that.

Never made it. I barely made it into Excellent B by then, and you need lots of points in that class to qualify. But as we started showing, mom realized we were going to have some issues, and re-evaluated the goal immediately. If there's one thing she HATES, it's dog trainers that put the goal first, and the dog second. Putting the goal first usually results in making bad decisions, a breakdown of training, and a strain on the dog/handler relationship. So she put that goal aside for the sake of me. There will be other years to make that goal a reality. 

Goal #2 - Qualify for AKC National Agility Championship in 2013. It's in Tulsa, which is pretty close to us.

She's going to the Nationals in Tulsa. Just not to compete. Again, my issues took center stage, and she put this goal on ice for the good of the team. But she has two besties that did qualify, and they're flying into Dallas, then they'll all travel to Tulsa and enjoy the Nationals. Mom will just be the one cheering, instead of being cheered. And then she'll come back and tell me all about it.

Goal #3 - Make the top Agility Pug award with the Pug Dog Club of American in 2012. Levi was in the top 5 JWW in 2005, and she really wants either me or Arnie (or both) to get an award when we go back to CA for the Nationals.

Whoops. We were pretty much "O" for 3 with the goals, weren't we? Didn't accomplish this one either. We didn't even come close. BUT, there are Pug Nationals close by for the next few years, so we have that goal in our sights for the next few years. 

To stay positive, here are a few goals that popped up in the last year that we DID accomplish:

Attained Goal #1 - Finished our Excellent titles. Both Arnie and I did that, with him beating me by a mere minutes to be the first to get an Excellent title. Now we both have 2 each.

Attained Goal #2 - Conquered the teeter (done), table (done) weave poles (done), dogwalk with a tunnel under it (done), send to a jump (done), and tire jump (done). Wow, I sure accomplished a lot. Just shows how good you look when you set the bar low. 

Attained Goal #3 - Stopped going around jumps. Stopped freaking out when I knock a bar. Started focusing on mom, instead of running all over the danged place. These were all related to "teamwork", and while I'm not perfect, I'm getting better every trial.

Attained Goal #4 - Was able to show in a new place, without batting an eye. We went to the Pug Nationals in October, where I showed in an indoor arena on unusual footing, and outdoors for the first time in years at a new place. I did great in both those places. Yea me!

Next time, mom will put down on paper some of our new upcoming goals, both agility and non-agility. 


  1. Gracie, you really did have a good year! Mom and I need to set our goals for this year. My pre sport puppy class has gone so well that the teacher has decided to continue it. I am gettting some great foundation work for agility. I look up to you, Gracie so keep up the good work!
    Greta, Bailey & Hazel too

  2. Keep up the good work Gracie. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I think you had a great year! Congratulations on all you did accomplish!

  4. Hi Gracie, Hi ARNIE!,
    You two rocked it this year! I'm so glad I could be there to be your cheerleader. Keep up the great job.