Monday, December 10, 2012

Giving more Thanks - better late than never

I never finished filling you all in our great adventure over Thanksgiving weekend.

After the zoo, the humans came home and ate dinner. We got some nibbles, which was worth the wait, for sure.

The next morning, me, Arnie, Suki and our moms headed to agility. Yup, Suki was coming to watch us play agility. She'd seen me run the first time we met, and we'd practiced a bunch. But we were all going to a real, live show.

Heading to the show

And it wasn't just us. Izzie, my roomate from Pug Nationals in California was going to be there too! It was a reunion, for sure.

We got to the show bright and early, and Arnie was up first. He did a great job (mom says he always does), even though he didn't qualify. Then it was me, and I rocked it.

Izzie and her brother, Caesar, did great, too. Mom keeps threatening to trade me in on a black girl Pug if I don't shape up. After seeing Izzie run, I can see why. She flies over the jumps, fast as lightning.

We stayed and watched all the pugs finish their runs, then we were back home for dinner. Then the humans were flying back out the door, to go to Fort Worth for dinner and to see the parade.

They took the train there (easier than finding a parking space). Then they walked around, looking at the decorations. Then they ate dinner at Traverna. Mom and Aunt Julie eat at the Austin Taverna a lot, and wanted to try the FW one. It was delicious (or so I hear, since I got NO doggie bag). Dad declared that they have the best lasagna he's ever eaten. He's still talking about it.

Sunset. You can barely see Fort Worth from the station.

Here comes the train

Julie and dad waiting for the train home. 
Pardon the blurry photo. 
Mom's still getting used to her new phone.

They got home late, and the next day Suki and her mom left for home. We had such a great time, and we are so thankful to have such good friends to spend the holidays with.

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  1. Hi Gracie,
    It was Awesome for all of to spend another Thanksgiving together! Mom & I had a blast on all the adventures, see you run agility? Meeting Izzie & Caeser. Mom is still talking about Izzie. Wish they lived closer to us.

    Suki & Mom.
    Hi Arnie, Snap & Puck!