Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Not just snowmen around here

Thanks to all my buddies that pointed out that the snowmen are watching me. I never really notice stuff like that, but now that you mention it, their eyes DO move! I'll be keeping watch, for sure.

We don't have other "eyes" at Christmas time, so I'll be watching them, too. Here's a few of them:

This guy has a place of honor in the cabinet

This guy looks a little shady. I'm not letting the cute hat fool me.

Mom's pug angel, that goes at the top of our tree every year. I think she's wishing it will mean we'll be angels next year. HA!

This is a new guy this year. Not just the eyes creeping me out on him. What's up with the hat?

This one says "Levi" at the bottom. Must be an old one, since Levi's ancient.

Another one to watch out for. Transparent = ghost, I'm thinking.

Gold plated - that's MY kind of pug.

Two for one, on this picture.

OK, this one has always given me the creeps. A dress? Really?

We've got Boxers watching us, too.

We've even got eyes on our stockings. I hope Santa doesn't get scared and go back up the chimney.


  1. OK, let me get this straight, all those pugornaments AND the snowmen? How do you sleep, Gracie?


  2. Luckily, I don't notice weird things. Because these things ARE weird, for sure. I'll have to count the eyes, to see just how "watched" I am.

  3. What's the song....."I've always had eyes for you!" Your 'rents have taken it to a whole new level! : )


  4. Oh Gracie that sure is a lot of eyes watching you, fortunately they are mostly pugs so you can buy them off with a treat.
    Thank you so much for the ornament you sent me, I love it!

  5. Oh my goodness Gracie! I'm with Gampy, how do you sleep? I know! You have Arnie to watch over and protect you. Go Arnie!


  6. Sorry, Gracie! I didn't mean to give you nightmares! But I'll agree that you need to watch that big headed pug with the red top hat... Hehee! The ornament you sent doesn't have eyes, does it?!? I love it, Gracie!

  7. Spooky!!!!
    Have a happy Christmas!!!