Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cooler Temps

The temperature finally dropped here in Texas,
so mom and dad decided to take advantage of it.

So we..........drumroll please............WENT TO THE DOG PARK!

Our new house is about 15 minutes from here:

That's the "big dog" side. We're not going in there.

Everybody had the same idea, and the place was packed.
There's a regular side, and a "small dog only" side.
We went into the small dog side.
I have a big attitude, and mom was afraid I'd get into trouble.

One of the "big dogs". Yup, I could totally take him.

This was more our style.

He's even shorter than I am.

That's not to say there wasn't fun to be had.
Arnie loves, loves, LOVES the dog park.
He makes lots of friends, plays with everybody, and runs around like a fool.
All with a huge smile on his face.

Me, not so much. Notice the flat ears. I am NOT happy here.
I had just finally taken the big step to play chase with another dog,
and as I was running back toward mom, someone threw a ball,
and it scared me. Yikes!


But I sucked it up, and found another friend to play with.
Mom and dad thought it was so funny to see me doing the pug scoot,
since I rarely cut loose.

I'll never be this dog, but I am learning to have fun in public.
Maybe we'll go back this weekend, too.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Gracie - that dog park looks fantastic! Glad you were able to find a friend to chase around a bit. I like other dogs, but I tend to feel most comfortable around other pugs - especially my pug pack. -Love, Sid.

  2. Hi Gracie,
    I share your reluctance at the dog park. But I am trying hard to overcome my fears thanks to Bellatrix and her PAWSEE.
    Love Noodles

  3. Sweet! We love the park. We usually go to the little side but sometimes we go to the big side. We share your attitude! Especially Isabelle. Except she only has four teeth, bad vision and trouble breathing. So Iz only goes to little dog sections.
    If we ever get back to Texas, we'll have to check out that park. On our trip a few years ago, we went to an awesome one in Pearland. It had a pond and everything!

  4. Hi Gracie! I'm so glad you had a break in the weather to have fun outside! I'm most like you and Noodles. I don't mind other dogs, but prefer food way more. Have a great weekend!
    PS. I have no doubt you could take that white dog!!