Sunday, June 26, 2011

Thank you ALL!

Your good luck wishes did the trick. Two weeks ago, I was zero for six. But this weekend I managed to get two qualifying ribbons. And they were both first place ribbons.

My best class is turning out to be Standard. That's the one that has the dogwalk, aframe, teeter, etc. I've managed to conquer my demons: the teeter, table and weave poles. They were spot on this weekend.

We're still struggling in Jumpers with Weaves. I have the weaves part down, but the "jump" part is proving to be a challenge. Mom's handling has to be just right (hahahaha) or I make a mistake. She tries hard, but she's never had a speed demon like me. On both days I jumped wrong and hit the bar on a jump. The first day, it really rattled me. I started walking around jumps, my ears were flat and my tail was droopy. It affected me more than mom thought it would. On the second day, I hit a bar, but mom kept on running and told me to "shake it off". So I did, and managed to finish in style. I even did a really hard weave pole entry and it was perfection.

I know my good runs were because of all the good luck "shout outs" I got last week. Thank you all so much.

There was a photographer there this weekend. When I get some photos, I'll put them up. In the meantime, I've recapped a prior run for your viewing pleasure.


  1. Way to go Gracie!! Congrats on your good runs!!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  2. Gracie congratulations!!!! That is so super cool that you were able to overcome that last poor showing. Goes to show ya - huh?
    Love Noodles

  3. Sorry you had a moment out there after missing a jump, but your mom is right...just shake it off! I'm so excited that you kicked some butt this weekend! I love the picture of you in the look so focused and determined. So I can't wait to see the ones from this competition!

  4. Hi Gracie - we just found your blog recently and are impressed by your feats of skill! We always thought of our pug, Sid, as "athletic" but you've definitely taken it to the next level. We're excited to read more about your agility adventures! -Brian, Jenn and Sid