Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do you people do anything but EAT?

After the practice session of making raviolis from scratch, 
the humans moved on to string pasta. 
The prep was the same, but the rolling was different. 

This is the pasta drying.

While it was drying, mom started the homemade italian bread. 

Mom's mom started the sauce and meatballs.

Bread came out of the oven.

What pasta meal is complete without a little red wine?

The completed dish.

I'd say it was a hit.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Food, food, glorious food

While mom's mom was here, they decided to try their hand at making pasta from scratch. 

Both were raised in Italian neighborhoods, and had made plenty of sauce over the years. But neither had ever tried homemade pasta.

First, they mixed the eggs and salt together

They put the flour in a mound

They added the egg mixture to the flour and mixed it all together

After kneading it, they let it rest for 30 minutes

They made the filling while the pasta rested

Time to roll the dough

Took a few tries, but they finally figured it out

The raviolis drying

Time to cook those bad boys

The finished product. Raviolis with brown butter sauce

Not bad for a first attempt!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Celebrity Sighting

Mom's a HUGE food show nut. Can't cook worth a lick, but loves to watch any show about any food.

One of her favorites is Hell's Kitchen.

While the humans were in San Antonio, they went to the Tower of the Americas. As soon as they got inside, mom spotted a photo of her favorite Hell's Kitchen contestant from this season


Mom love, love, loves her. Has since the first episode. After mom let out a yelp, the gal at the desk told the humans that Nedra was the chef at the Chart House, and that she was in the building.

Mom ran to the bathroom before heading up to the top, and when she came out, dad had spotted Nedra.

She graciously agreed to a photo with mom. After a hug came the photo op.

She also signed a menu for mom.

Now, mom is rooting for her all the more to win this season!!!! 
Go Nedra!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Texas Tour Continues

After seeing Austin for 2 days (and enjoying Suki and her mom's hospitality), 
we were off to San Antonio for the day.

First stop: breakfast in our hotel, complete with Texas shaped waffles.

On to the Alamo. 2.5 million people a year visit the Alamo. 

Luckily, it wasn't that crowded on the day we were there.

After seeing the sights at the Alamo, we headed over to the River Walk.

We had a great time on the boat tour.

Historic buildings all around.

It was a perfect day.

Riverside dining all along the route.

Beautiful architecture was everywhere.

Had lunch at an Irish Pub, right along the river.

Last stop for the day was the Tower of the Americas. 
Yup, we went to the top.

The view from the top was amazing.

While we were inside the Tower, we had a Celebrity Sighting.
Stayed tuned tomorrow to see who it was.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Go Orange

After working up a thirst riding Segways around Austin, 
the humans headed off to a sports bar to cheer on 
the Syracuse Orangemen, who made the Final Four.

Even in Austin, there were SU fans. There were also Michigan fans, who ended up being happy that they beat the Orangemen. But with lots of wings and beer, the humans had a great time watching the game and enjoying their bright orange shirts. They did feel sorry for the SU fan that was VERY depressed about the loss. Really - it's just basketball.....

The next day, the humans decided to take us to that obligatory Texas photo op: Dogs In The Bluebonnets

Then it was off to UT for some more photos. The campus was beautiful, and the weather was perfect.

Then it was time for mom, dad and Meme to go back to the hotel, 
while we went back to sleep over at Suki's house.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vacation Craziness

Mom's mom is here, and the morning after she arrived, we hit the road. Where did we go? To visit our bestie, Suki!

After the humans had a meet and greet, we hit the road to do some sightseeing in Austin. Lunch at Coal Vines, some window shopping, then the humans jumped on some Segways.

Photo opp at the Blue Guitar

We saw this cool guy just hanging around

Awesome find in the shopping district

Texas State Capitol

Dad fitting Suki's mom with a helmet - safety first

Meme on wheels

Dad picked it up pretty quick

Taking a break while we look at Suki's mom's office building

Another photo at the Blue Guitar

At the Capitol

The Texas Star